With the entrance of Kwese TV, a Zimbabwean-owned pay TV in Nigeria, Nigerians have started rethinking pledge of patronising TSTv, the country’s second indigenous pay TV, our analysis has revealed. Enterprations’ Analysis of prospects review of the two pay TV providers on social media shows that Nigerians are jostling between TSTv and Kwese TV for quality entertainment experience, considering many factors and highlighting different determinants for patronizing the providers.

Our analysis reveals that Kwese TV is likely to have good patronage from Nigerians based on its good contents as opined by over 69% of the 76 reviewers studied. Ready Smart Smart, a prospect, who gave the provider 3-star rating says “Kwese TV, I must commend your effort at bringing good contents to Nigeria, however, I want Kwese to provide more local content like your competitor, you have done well with Igbo contents, but your popularity in the South West of Nigeria will depend on offering Yoruba content, some people that has decided for Kwese are either going back or being tempted because of Yoruba content offering Yoruba Movies… Please, think about it and do something about it, we are looking forward to you soaring above your competitors.”

Despite enjoying our own-status, TSTv is most likely to lose substantial market share to Kwese TV because of delayed transmission of its contents and availability of the decoders and dishes across the country, a feat Kwese TV attained within short period in all the geo-political regions. “Well. I do believe it will be okay but try and fast track your transmission and other peripherals to enable your potential customers acquired your decoders. I approached your representative here in Oyo Alaafin to book for a decoder and was told to exercise patience as the company is still trying to put things into proper perspectives…So get moving,” Oni Olutunde Peter, a 3-star reviewer said. Our analysis also suggests that 14 reviewers sought sales partnership with the Kwese TV in the North and Southern regions.

Reference issues raised by the reviewers are negatively related with two providers -an indication that the two providers have a lot to do in wooing the prospects, adopting proper ways of managing the issues especially poor services and delayed transmission. The poor services of the two providers were rated with 5-star while TSTv recorded a 4-star rating for its delayed transmission despite having a 3-star rating for being home-grown pay TV.

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If the poor services are left unattended to TSTv can only survive it by 83.3% while Kwese TV have 75% chance of getting continued patronage. However, the issue is hazardous across the rating scale to TSTv by 18.2% and 28.8% for the Kwese TV. Enterprations Analysts observe that the results suggest that Nigerians can still endure with inefficient services from the providers for a while.