Adding to the business environment competitiveness of the World Bank, National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria recently released its National and Sub-National Competitiveness Index Report. The report highlights key areas that shackle a state’s potential to create collective prosperity.

Human Capital, Infrastructure, Institutions and Economy are considered as areas that influence the capacity of a state to achieve its potential.  Lagos, Delta and Abia were ranked top three states with best business competitiveness environment. The key areas examined by the NCCN showed that Lagos has its highest scores on institutions (70.42) and the least scores on infrastructure (57.76). Lagos recorded 65.12 and 60.43 scores on human capital and economy indexes respectively.

Enterprations is however interested on the extent to which Lagos competitiveness helps companies in consumer goods sector thrive in 2017 based on the half year revenue reported by the companies.  We are able to test this assumption using 18 out of 23 listed companies on the Nigerian Stock Exchange that reported their financials.

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