From the Mainland to the Island part of the state, private individuals and businesses have access to a range of financial services from institutions and government’s establishments. Citizens, businesses and governments’ access to the Internet with the high broadband connectivity remains key determinant of forming and enhancing the effectiveness of service delivery and meet residents’ needs in Eko Atlantic, Lekki and Imperial International Business Cities.

In these cities, buildings and other facilities such as water and power wouldn’t need people for functionality and management because sensors would be incorporated with real-time monitoring systems. In these cities, technology would switch on and switch off electricity at the appropriate time when it is dark and bright. Information would be sourced and analysed from various facilities and residents on the performance of the facilities using sensors.

If all these are anticipated in the cities what is the level of preparedness of Facilities Management companies in Nigeria especially those operating in the state. How true is the companies’ adoption of technology as a means of growing their businesses as reported by the British Institute of Facilities Management, through its Facilities Management Business Confidence Monitor 2016/2017 has the tendency of integrating the industry with the Lagos Smart City?

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