In the next 12 days, about one million Nigerians will wake up and laying hands on their TV Remotes with the intent of watching different programme contents free for a month as promised by TStv, the new entrant into the Nigeria’s Pay TV Market. The entrance of the player on October 1st, 2017 was received with fanfare in the physical and on the virtual sphere. Mapping and analysis of prospective users’ comments on official social media accounts of the provider –Facebook and Twitter reveal expectations that must be met.

On its accounts, TStv posted messages on rolling out of its services by November 1st, 2017 and numbers of channels with contents that would be broadcast. Over 100 comments on these messages were analysed and established two core emotions –positive and negative. The roll-out message attracted 51 expressions and garnered 89 negative and 48 positive emotions. Forty-six reactions followed content message. Further analysis indicates 46 negative and 21 positive emotions. On a light note, price with 2 positive and negative emotions emerged as main frame to set up both the commercial starting date and desired contents.

Deep analysis within the network (the commenters) reveals that the negativity exhibited by the prospective users are tilted towards whether the provider could roll out better services and compete favourably with Dstv. The negativity also indicates commenters chided each other on the need to switch or remain Dstv’s customers using negative and positive words.

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You people are just raising unnecessary dust (Negative). When TSTV start showing EPL, don’t buy it (Negative). Stick to your Dstv (positive). Nobody is forcing you to buy (Negative).

I hope it will not be a disappointment at the end of the day? (Negative) because I have delayed my subscription waiting eagerly for the TStv to come (Negative).

Common take this N5, 000 (Positive). If I spend this money before Nov 1st. You guys will give me free decoder o (Positive). My Dsthieves sorry Dstv just expired and I can’t subscribe it again (Negative). How can I pay N9,900 yet not champions’ league (Negative). God punish devil (Negative).

With the mixed emotions on the Tstv’s commercial broadcast day and prospective users’ high expectation on better and additional contents. Question remains. Can TStv keep up with users’ expectations?