Be it new business or established ones, there is always a need for the creation of brands that deliver their promises and perceived strong among competitors by the customers. Sometimes, it is easier to conceptualize business idea but developing products or services which people will not think twice before they expend their money on is difficult in most cases.
“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.” – Howard Schultz
For a company, most importantly a start-up, to create a brand that delivers its promises with a strong reputation, understanding customers’ needs and strict adherence to the principles of rational benefits development around a brand are crucial. In line with the present competitive business environment across the world, Brand Creation Strategists have crafted five key questions for understanding customers’ desires. The Strategists want brand developers to find out what people think and feel regarding the kind of product they want customers to buy and determine the relevance of their companies to those desires. It would also augur well, according to the Strategists, if problems intended to be solved are properly identified and analysed. Apart from these, the benefits prospective customers would derive from the product should significantly correlate with corporate core values while factors capable of influencing their (customers’) purchase decisions should be critically examined.

Deliver the promises

Emphasizing tangible benefits of the products and pointing out the most unique feature on varied promotional materials is one of the ways of communicating brand’s promises to customers. This is necessary because they need to consider the benefits from different dimensions before buying. A promise, however, is good only if it’s kept. If a company doesn’t deliver on its promise the vast majority of the time, its reputation—and sales—will likely decline. It has also been seen as an element through which customers interact with brand and evaluate companies ’character. In other words, brand promise should define business process and every aspect of a company.

Guiding principles for brand promise crafting

For effective delivery of your product’s promise, the tagline that will be used as communication channel should be simple, actionable, authentic and compelling. This is what we called SAC. The tagline should be a short phrase not a paragraph. Aside tagline usage as a means of conveying your brand’s promises, people, technology and delivery channels are also vital to brand promise fulfillment.


MTN –everywhere you go

MTN is the Nigeria’s first mobile telecommunication service provider. The company prides itself on wide coverage, believing that any Nigerian can communicate with families and friends in any location within the country. In a way, the company’s promise dimensions are experience and geographical coverage.

Etisalat –now you are talking

With this tagline as channel of communicating its brand promise, the company aimed at providing cheapest tariff to make telephone conversation more transparent and simple for Nigerians.

Access to the world’s information in one click is Google’s promise. In a short form, the company wants its customers to experience speed and flexibility in accessing information around the world.

The key lessons from these companies is that emphasis should always be on what customers will derive from using your brands, not what you will get.

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