Businesses are said to be profitable and sustainable when people, process and technology are effectively integrated with strategic statements (visions, missions, goals and values) of the company. Right process and technology without the right employees would not ensure profitability and sustainability of business. In the past, business organisations do emphasize hiring of exceptional individuals, but in today’s competitive and digitalized business environment, team builders are being sought after to fill key roles.

Having right job specifications, roles description and competencies or skills should be enough for Human Resource Managers to recruit employees who will advance organization’s vision, mission and core values. Expert suggests that two critical questions needed to be asked while developing strategic recruitment plan. These are; what does the company stand for? What is the value proposition extended to potential and existing employees?

Using these questions, recruitment strategists are of the view that talents of the potential employees would be more prioritized along with the competencies or specific skills they possessed. “I’ve been blessed to find people who are smarter than I am, and they help me to execute the vision I have,” founder of Def Jam Records said.