Since the emergence of digital revolution in the late 50s, the patterns, and techniques through which people engage with business and non-business activities have changed. The world has become a global village for businesses and consumers. A village where consumers expect products in a jiffy without compromising quality; fast tracked by different categories of applications. With this, businesses rely on applications to form and reform their process, people, and structure. Thus, application developers have a growing market and will always simile to their banks.
In the United States, especially in Silicon Valley and other Information Technology incubation cities of the world, developers and designers of top consumer mobile apps are considered rock stars. If those in Silicon Valley could be so respected, who says you too could not be in Nigeria and beyond? All you need to do is the acquisition of coding knowledge and to be proficient in software development.

Though developing countries like ours have not really had it good in terms of people’s patronage of locally developed applications, experts believe that the country still needs local applications capable of solving community problems. This could be done with the right approach and effort.

The needed resources

At initial stage and for those who want to start in small scale, bootstrap, apps contests, friends and families, loans and seed funding are specific means of sourcing capital for the business. Apart from the capital, expert suggests that to develop apps for Android devices, you need a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

You can’t do it alone

Having necessary knowledge and skills as a potential software developer are not enough and can’t actually take you far. You need to get a number of people on board who will complement your efforts. For instance, a programmer and a designer would be helpful in some areas such as coding and creation of a finest template. You could equally share your ideas with friends and family. This is highly essential while raising capital for the business.