There are many reasons for an employee who have contributed and is still making significant inputs towards the growth of his or her employer to take the leap into the entrepreneurship world. When the pay is no longer competitive, lack of enough time to cater for personal life, skills and interest in the work is waning, becoming your own boss wouldn’t be a bad idea. Rather it will become a strategic decision towards balanced living and financial independence.

Both in developed and developing countries, employees are clamouring for independence to be able to implement a number of intrapreneurial ideas. They are unable to turnaround their departments or units and innovate new ideas due to bureaucracy, poor management and poor mentoring in their workplace. Those who felt disinterested left and established their businesses, leveraging on the skills, abilities and experience they have garnered over the years. A recent study showed that 58% of successful entrepreneurs in the world transition from employee. Today, they are developing new businesses, creating jobs, increasing economic activity and disrupting their sectors.


In India, the likes of Pranita Balar, Surabhi Jain, Krithika Kumar, Nick Ratterman and Vinnie Kapoor and in Nigeria Ibukun Awosika, Jason Njoku, Raymond Anthony Aleogho Dokpesi left their employers and established successful businesses in different sectors. A study has also suggested that employees who have worked for two or more years are likely to succeed in their new businesses than the unemployed or inexperienced population such as young university graduates.

Nothing should hold you back

As long as you have an idea and really believe in it, nothing should hold you back. The kind of passion you have while doing your employer’s works, which usually led to the acquisition of new contracts or increased sales is what you need in addition to practical training on how to transition into entrepreneurship. To mitigate downs likely to be experienced while transitioning, Enterprations Limited is organising a two-day practical business incubation seminar series 1 for private and public employees. We believe that these employees have specific roles to play in advancing entrepreneurship in Nigeria through their corporate experience and skills. Our strategic approach is complemented with practical techniques for the effective transition. At the end of the seminar, participants will have working companies fully registered and functional web-cum-email presence.

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