The secret of creating new products or services hinges on the determination of business owners couple with proven product development skills of research and development personnel. In today’s competitive business and non-business environment, people’s wants cannot be met with a product or service but with a wide range of line products or services. That is why an ideal business should devise strategic means of developing solutions to diverse problems which usually catch people unaware. Through strategic thinking and implementation of ideas generated from a problem concept, a typical problem solver, in this case, firm would be able to go far in its quest of solving numerous glitches in the society. Kodak and Blockbuster went into extinction because they did not think strategically and tactically on new products development. Thomas Carlyle, one of the world renowned orators, notes that people need to go far as they can when developing solutions to a particular issue because getting to the apex of the matter will help them in seeing more intrigues around the issue and come up with unique solutions.