Three Nigerian universities lecturers have called on federal government to consider the establishment of National Institute for Entrepreneurship Skill Acquisition in the country. The university dons made the recommendation in their study recently published in an international journal.
According to Doctors Abayaomi Sofoluwe, Michael Ogundele and Rhoda Oduwaiye of the Department of Educational Management and Foundations, University of Ilorin and Jos respectively, the establishment of the institute became necessary in the view of various socio-economic crises frightening acquisition of basic entrepreneurship skills and knowledge in the country.
“Socioeconomic crises such as indulgency, inflationary trends vitiation, rioting, armed robbery and ethno religions crises constitute a great threat to effective implementation of entrepreneurship education programme in Nigeria. To overcome these, there is the need to establish national research institute for entrepreneurship skills acquisition and to integrate courses relating to security promotion methods.”
The study titled Social Economic Crises as Threat to Entrepreneurship Education Program in Nigeria published in Asia Pacific Journal of Multidisciplinary Research August 2015’s edition, noting that Nigerians also need to assist government in its quest of eradicating social vices in the country so that entrepreneurship education programme would be effectively implemented in the country.