Since the invention of clothes about 30, 000 years ago, people of different ages, culture and religion have been wearing clothes purposely to cover their body’s shapes and look attractive to others. From different places of the world, people are buying clothes daily and making varied styles or patterns from them. For those with keen entrepreneurial eyes and nitty-gritty of designs, this is an opportunity to make sustainable income by establishing tailoring business services.
Despite the huge potential in the business in Nigeria, the sector still remains largely untapped by many Nigerians. In the late 60s and early 70s, Lagos, Ibadan, Onitsha, and other places in the country were known for having successful Tailors, who started from small and became bigger and better fashion designs firms. For instance, Ogundero the Tailor, Fagbohun the Tailor, Idowu the Tailor and Olumegbon Tailoring services dominated the business around Yaba axis in Lagos state. Likewise in Ibadan, where a number of renowned Tailors beautified their customers, especially in Ogunpa, Dugbe, Gbagi among others. For the early 90s, Taiwo the Tailor in Abeokuta, the well-known dress maker in the rock city sown clothes for influential people such as late business mogul and politician, Chief Moshood Abiola.
Today, we are all craving for Italian clothes including shoes because government and people invested and still investing in fashion industry. Through government and individual investments with strategic training of people, Italy is known worldwide for the production of quality clothes.
Begin the business
Successful tailors who spoke with Enterprations said anybody who wants to invest or doing it on a personal level needs to acquire relevant knowledge and a solid background in the arts of designs. Specific knowledge for different types of tailoring services would be better learnt when the potential Tailor enrols at a training institute or with an established Tailor.

Suffice to note that enrolling at training institutes or learning the act of the job from an individual cannot make the person a renowned and successful Tailor like those mentioned earlier but with strategic management of both human and material resources germane to the business. In other words, one needs to be well trained before venturing into one or two aspect of tailoring services, especially in Africa, where majority of people like foreign-made clothes and incorporating strategic business management techniques into the business. No doubt, dress making or fashion industry is becoming more competitive everyday in places with a large number of people.
Are you ready to take the risk?
Aspiring tailoring entrepreneurs needs to understand varied types or areas that could be explored for generating streams of income. According to experts, the categories depend on the availability of capital and individual interest. For example, one can establish home décor sewing, tailoring training college, consultancy services, children’s wears, uniforms and special wears and clothing retail store. These and many others require different technical and managerial skills on the part of the investors and individuals who deem it fit to own a shop and be the designers as well.
For a start-up, straight sewing, baby lock, embroidery, weaving and industrial sewing machines are essential for running the business in Nigeria, significantly in cities such as Lagos, Ibadan, Onitsha among others. With N275, 000, experts and established Tailors say potential entrepreneurs can buy industrial sewing machine, buy necessary accessories, rent a shop and furnished it.
As it was observed earlier, individuals and corporate establishments would not lose while investing in tailoring business. It has been realized that with little expenses on materials and maintaining of machines, entrepreneurs and investors could make a lot of money on daily basis in addition to the surge during festivities. The cost of sewing wedding gown, according to successful Tailors is between N60, 000 and N100, 000, while suit could cost up to N20, 000 and even more depending on the sophistication. This however depends on the location of the business and negotiating ability of the entrepreneurs.
To explore the business effectively, it is imperative for aspiring ‘Tailorpreneurs’ to investigate their environment by examining potential customers and competitors in the target locations of the business. When in doubt on how to conduct effective research and developing appropriate business plan, it is incumbent upon them to consult business advisory firms, who have a great number of business professionals with proven practical knowledge on setting up and strategic management of tailoring services business.