Act big, think big and talk big are three axioms found to be relevant while advising start-up business owners both in developed and developing countries. To be successful, experts say young and established entrepreneurs must have the words as their watchwords every day. They need to sleep with them, wake up with them and move around with them, most importantly while planning and resuscitating their businesses for more profits.
Temitope Amodu Sulaimon, the founder and chief executive officer, Tsoule, is one of the Nigerian successful entrepreneurs within event planning and management sector who consider the words sacred and act locally while growing his business across the world. Tsoule like other companies founded by individuals came into existence with a combination of Temitope Sulaimon some years ago. “While I was younger, I didn’t like the synonyms of being called Sule (short version of Sulaimon). I decided to face my irritation and make the name a symbol of greatness and my core beliefs of quality and integrity.”
Besides sizing the opportunity created from the annoyance generated from mispronunciation of his name, Temitope started his risk-adventure from ice block water selling in 2005 and metamorphosed into world class event planning and management. Before venturing into the business, he had worked with a reputable engineering firm in Lagos, which enabled him to own a house. Although, Sule is an established Project Manager of high repute with CISCO professional certification and a background in Computer Engineering, he is more of ‘architecture’ of modern event planning and management in Nigeria, and sub-Saharan Africa.
As a successful event planner and manager, Temitope believes that every entrepreneur needs an integration of empathy, tolerance, wisdom and a keen interest in awareness creation around brands. “You must mix empathy, tolerance wisdom and a keen street awareness. Your move is scrutinized from ground up, while you think you are being flexible, your team would see you as being indecisive.” To him, leadership skill, empathy and firmness remain the three skills entrepreneurs need for them to be successful.
Apart from that, nifty Nigerian event planner says entrepreneurs must be able to investigate a lot of issues around their businesses and invest generously in their businesses. According to him, main factor responsible for the demise of many small businesses is nepotism, which he describes as a true killer of business and must be avoided by an entrepreneur who wants to reach apex of his business. “A lot of control measures are required, while an infusion of a family is always expected or pushed at you, do the very best to avoid nepotism.
Having learnt from his past mistakes, especially in staff recruitment, the award winning event planner says if he has the chance to start over again, he would make the business more procedural than people based.
Differentiating employees from entrepreneurs, Tempitope pointed out that employees work to feed themselves under the pretext of job security while entrepreneurs are willing to take it all for the sake of freedom. When asked how he sees Tsolue in the next 10 years among the renowned event planning firms in Nigeria, the winner of Uche Briggs Blog’s 2010 Personality of the Week says the firm would be biggest rental firm in the Africa and best event designer in the world. “I want to plan and manage the world Cup as an event.”
To be like him, Temitope wants aspiring entrepreneurs to associate with people who are better and successful in the business area they intend to explore and improve their intellects with a lot of reading, seminars and specialized training.

“The Audacious” is meant to celebrate entrepreneurs who transited from employees to employers.