When you are looking for a businessman who succeeded in three key sectors of the Nigerian economy, you don’t need to travel to a long distance before you should see one. Igho Sanomi has expanded and still expanding energy, power and construction sectors with his entrepreneurial spirit. Despite his graduation from university without business related course of study, Sanomi is waxing stronger everyday in the world of energy, power and real estate in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
His entrepreneurial skills started evolving while at Sarian Oil and Cosmos Oil AG, where he rose to the position of Executive Director and single-handedly developed the firm’s trading operations through strategic negotiation of the exportation and distribution of oils from the heart of West Africa to the Gulf Coast of United States. As part of his strategic thinking and adoption towards the organisation’s problems, Sanomi formulated a strategic synergy with an international firm based in Switzerland. The partnership resulted into importation and exportation of millions of refined petroleum products to and from the West African coast.
After cognate experience from the management of oil business, Sanomi established Taleveras Group in 2004 and owns a large part of two oil blocks in Nigeria as well as profitable production sharing contracts (PSCs) in three offshore oil blocks in Ivory Coast in 2012. Today, Sanomi is one of the largest shareholders in the Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company. Recently, Forbes magazine reported that Taleveras Group has an annual turnover of several billions of dollars.
Apart from energy, power and construction, Sanomi also ventured into telecom and shipping businesses in a number of countries in the world. Based on his desire of touching life of less-privilege in the society, he founded and chairs the Dickens Sanomi Foundation, a non-profit charitable organisation, which he established in memory of his late father.