Dr Muhammed Yusuf, Nigeria Police Academy, Wudil, and Dr Ramoni Suraju, Department of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration, Bayero University have requested for the review of university entrepreneurship courses with a view of shifting from classroom theoretical entrepreneurship education to practical, and mentoring entrepreneurial training.

The two lecturers made the request as part of recommendations to a study conducted among the undergraduates of Bayero University Kano, aimed at revealing the students readiness to set up small businesses after graduation. The study, which was published in an international research journal, ‘European Journal of Academic Research’ 2015 Volume 3, showed that majority of the students are ready to venture into trading businesses such as consultancy management services and agriculture.

The dons recommended that opportunity identification, risk-taking, leadership, strategic alliance building and intellectual property protection should be prioritized by universities while teaching entrepreneurial courses.

The study was conducted on the background of evaluating the impacts of the Nigerian Government policy on entrepreneurship education, launched in 2007 through the National Universities Commission (NUC). The policy aimed at encouraging Nigerian universities to provide entrepreneurship education for undergraduates to enable them start small businesses after graduation and create employment on a long term.