Senator Ben Murray-Bruce has called on President Muhammdu Bhuari to earmark $1 billion for the growth of entrepreneurship in the country. The Bayelsa State Senator stated this on his twitter account @benmurraybruce.
According to him, Nigerian youths are not naturally given to fraud and terrorism. “Their intelligences must be expressed. How it’s expressed depends on opportunities.”
“When they don’t have electricity or access to loans to put their ideas to work, youths are more likely to engage in anti-social acts,” he wrote.
“I propose a sound economist be appointed minister of youths to set up a 1$ Billion fund exclusively to fund youth enterprise.”
“I keep saying that in a nation with one of the fastest growing populations, ministry of youth is the most important ministry. The Ministry of Youth Development should evolve from just holding conferences and focus on schemes to empower youths to start businesses.
“If Nigeria can spend billions maintaining politicians, surely we can find $1 Billion for a Youth Entrepreneurship Fund,” he noted.